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What is uAssist

It is the solution to guarantee remote support and maintenance of company systems in 4.0 mode

Plant engineering

Repair, maintenance and installation companies

Manufacture of machinery

Industrial machinery manufacturing companies


Production companies


The benefits of uAssist:


Assistance in real time

It’s remote from the most experienced technicians.


Elimination of travel expenses

With the remote “Look what I see” feature.


Reduction of inactivity costs

With real time support.


Improving communication

With AR annotations on the live video call stream.


Building a knowledge base

With incident management and reporting.


Possibility to create a Control Center

To bring together the most experienced technicians.

Look what I see

Based on the “Look what I see”, uAssist turns maintenance, overhaul and repair activities into an immersive digital experience. With uAssist technical assistance opens up to technological innovation through the provision of business services in 4.0 mode: the use of tools such as viewers, smart-glasses or simply the camera of a smartphone facilitates assistance between operators even in remote situations, optimizing expenses and the resolution process.

In this way, the experienced technician can supervise and guide the process in real time directly from the Control Center and avoid the costs of moving to the site.

Maintenance in 4.0 mode – the main features of uAssist:

  • Enhanced Functionality: Management of the maintenance of the company’s plants is simplified through enhanced interaction features.

  • Immediate access to Knowledgebase: Completed maintenance tasks are stored in a company history to enable technicians and customers to operate faster and with superior quality.

  • Immediate communication: with a single touch, the technician can contact the technical support experts.

  • Reporting: closed incident reports and technical data sheets.



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